This is my first attempt at a website, so I am using the generic site template offered by my hosting company, Network Solutions. I am tempted to keep their absurd sample text, because they slid my name into it without changing pronouns. Here, look:

Starting out writing articles and short stories,Theoden Humphrey holds her own in the writing ring. It's a rarity that someone of her caliber comes along with less than a decade's worth of work.


I don't know why they did this to my name. But I'm keeping it.

One of these is me. One is a sloth. 

I forget which is which.

I am Theoden Humphrey. 

Called Dusty.

I am a writer.

This is my new home: forgive the clutter and disarray; I am just moving in and deciding where to put my furniture.

I find that terribly amusing. If you do too, welcome! Come on in.