In addition to my novels, I am a longtime keeper of the blogs. I currently have two, hosted on Wordpress; while they may at some point migrate to this website, for now, I thought it would be most efficient to simply link to them. Please check them out!

This is the ongoing serial blog where I post the weekly adventures of Damnation Kane, pirate of the past and present. The collected adventures are available in book form on the Books page on this site; once you read the first book, you should go here and catch up on Damnation's latest.

The Adventures of Damnation Kane


This site is my blog, which is mostly (but not entirely) book reviews. There are also a number of rants and screeds, some wild speculations, and quite a few essays, many of which I write for my day job. Hey -- go for the book reviews, stay for the essays. It's good stuff.

Just Dusty


Also: Damnation has a Facebook page, if you'd like to follow the adventures through that site:

Not satisfied simply with ranting on a Wordpress blog, I went and got myself an account on the Twitters. Follow me there, if you like snark, teacher rantings, and pictures of the very best doggos.