A graduate of Oberlin College,Theoden Humphrey never intended to be a writer. While having a real affinity for short stories, great narrative, and tall tales, she started out doing layout and graphic design. In 2006, she got the chance to pen an article about design and it was all words, sentences and ink from there.


I am a writer because I say I am. The power of words: to name reality, and thereby to shape our perception of it. I hope my words give you a glimpse of another possible world, or even more than one.

I studied literature in college, I have been teaching high school English for almost two decades, I write essays and book reviews and novels. I admire and celebrate the power of the written word. I have a wife, who is an artist and illustrator, and pets, who are professionally lovable.

<<========== None of this is true. This is Network Solutions sample text. I  will put my actual bio elsewhere on the page. You can tell by the pronoun usage. I wonder: if my name were more generically and stereotypically male, would NS have changed these pronouns to match?

This is where I write. Notebook, water, pens, glasses, books, journals, junk. All set.